About Us

Sahir Associates has emerged as a leading Real Estate Developers of Pakistan. Founded in 1995 was a small company has now become an icon of success, trust and enjoys a high level of integrity within the industry.

We have moved through monumental stages of inception, growth, and expansion. Today, with a clear vision and dynamic team, Sahir Associates has managed to be one of the major players in Pakistan’s economy. The core of this success has always lied in our winning corporate culture; that promotes growth and fosters innovation; and our a customer-driven strategy, that is guided by quality, creative solutions, and a never ending search for better ways to serve our clients.

At Sahir Associates, we strongly believe that a real estate developer should be visionary to look ahead, even decades beyond today’s world to determine what buildings & communities will be needed, and where. Real estate developers are entrepreneurs who seek out opportunity and drive it to reality, and in the process grow our communities and our nation. Tomorrow’s manufacturers, distributors, retailers and employers will have a home because we have a vision to foresee their needs.

Keeping in mind that today’s consumer is more demanding than ever before, we design and develop  communities based on the requirements of today and decades to come.

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