Policy & Procedure

Gate Pass Policy

1.      It is the responsibility of the dealer/owner to ensure that the owner of a house/flat gets his/her gate pass made immediately after transfer.

2.      Gate pass will only be issued during office hours i.e. 9am to 5pm. 

3.      A dealer/owner/renter will need to pay an additional fee to get a gate pass made outside of the official hours.

4.      If the owner of a property wishes to use their property for residential purposes, he/she will need to provide the following documents: 

a.      An affidavit confirming that he/she intends to use their property for residential purposes and will not use it for any commercial activity or rental purpose. 

5.      Only authorized/registered dealers will be entertained for rental purposes.

6.      For rental purposes, the dealer/owner will be responsible for providing the following documents: 

a.      Copy of the property’s possession letter.

b.      Copy of the original owner’s CNIC card 

c.       Copy of the lease agreement 

d.      Police Report verified by Kahna Police Station

e.      Copy of CNIC cards of each individual member intending to reside in the property 

f.        Copy of Bay-Form of all underage children intending to reside in the property 

g.      An affidavit signed by the renter confirming the following details: 

                                                              i.      List of all individuals intending to reside in the property
ii.      Undertaking that he/she will follow all rules and regulations set in place by society’s management and will cooperate with the society in all respects 
iii.      Undertaking that he/she will not permit any unethical activity inside the rented property

7.      All maintenance charges and utility bills will be the sole responsibility of the owner whether the owner is using his/her property for residential or rental purposes. 

8.      If a dealer/renter is found in breach of any of the above provisions, the society reserves the right to issue a 3-day short notice of eviction and, in extreme circumstances, to involve the police.

9.      Furthermore, in case of breach, the dealer/realtor acting as the client’s representative will be fined by the society. Repeat offenders will be liable for deregistration/blacklisting for a period of 6 months, but this time period can extend up to 1 year, depending upon the circumstances of the case.



TAT 1month for customer to get approval


 Customer needs to submit following documents to C Block office (GM Site).


1.      Demarcation Paper set  (collected from C-block office and filled by Client)

2.      7 sets of Drawings as per LDA by-laws.

3.      LDA approval form.

4.      Documents can be received by the customer after approvals and data update from C Block office (GM Site)

5.      Turn around time 1 Month. 


Step 1-           Verification:

Client needs to bring following documents to get Verification Certificate from Marketing Office L Block

1.      Copy of allotment letter

2.      CNIC copy of Owner

3.      CNIC copy of applicant

4.      Pay VC fee

5.      Turn Around Time (TAT) 3 days.


Step 2-           NDC:

Client needs to bring following documents along with Verification Certificate to Marketing Office L Block

1.      Complete and Filled NDC set (acquired by Marketing Office L Block)

2.      NDC set should be stamped and signed by our registered dealer only

3.      Copy of allotment letter.

4.      CNIC copy of buyer.

5.      CNIC copy of seller.

6.      CNIC copy of nominee.

7.      2 passport size pictures of buyer (with blue background).

8.      2 Stamp papers (blank) each worth PKR.100/- in the names of buyer and seller.

9.      Pay Transfer Fee.

10.  Turn Around Time (TAT) 3 days.


Step 3-           Transfer:

Parties of buyer and seller needs to visit Marketing Office L Block,

1.      Client needs to show the transfer fee payment receipt in order to get the token for transfer from marketing office L Block, between 10am to 11am.

2.      Only buyer, seller and one dealer can enter the office after showing their token.

3.      Parties will sign the documents and give transfer picture in presence of Manager Transfer.

4.      Buyer (New Client) will get the acknowledgement slip from manager transfer as evidence of transfer procedure completion.

5.      New client can receive the file in his name after 6 weeks.

Urgent NDC/ Urgent Letter

1.      There will be an extra fee of PKR 20,000/- for Urgent Transfer or Urgent Letter after transfer,

2.      If client wants urgent NDC with ready file the payment would be PKR 40,000/-

3.      TAT for ready file is 1 week.

4.      TAT for urgent NDC 1 day.


Procedure to get PCC and Account Statement 

Client needs to visit Sahir Associates Pvt.Ltd. Registered Corporate Office (T-86, CCA DHA, Phase 2, Lahore ) with the following documents:

1.      Copy of allotment letter

2.      CNIC copy of Owner

3.      Only owner can apply him/her self.

4.      Submit all above documents to Accounts Branch 3rd Floor Sahir Associates Pvt.Ltd. Registered Corporate Office (T-86, CCA DHA, Phase 2, Lahore )

5.      Turn Around Time (TAT) 3 days.