Transfer Procedure

Transfer procedure starts from NDC (Non Demand Certificate) or by submitting Transfer fee.

At the time of NDC clients has to submit the following documents.

From Seller’s End

  • NDC request application signed by the Seller.
  • Copy of Allotment letter.
  • CNIC Copy of Seller

From Buyer’s End

  • 1-CNIC copy of Buyer
  • Filled Buyer’s Particulars Form
  • 2-Passport Size Pictures of Buyer
  • 1-CNIC copy of Nominee
  • 2-Issued Stamp Papers in case of 5-Marla, 7-Marla and 10-Marla. 1 Stamp Paper issued from seller’s ends and other one is issued from Buyer’s ends.
  • In case of 1-Kanal 3-Issued Stamp Papers are required. 1 Stamp paper is issued from seller’s ends and other two are issued from Buyer’s Ends.
  • In case of E & G Block Houses 50% Restriction Charges (Either paid by Seller or Buyer)
  • 1-Copy of Possession Letter in case of E & G Block Houses.
Transfer Fee Structure
Sr. No. Marla Category Fees
1 5-Marla Portion / Apartment Rs. 60,000/-
2 5-Marla Single Storey House Rs. 80,000/-
3 4-Marla Double Storey House Rs. 100,000/-
4 5-Marla Double Storey House Rs. 100,000/-
5 10-Marla Double Storey House Rs. 150,000/-
6 1-Kanal Double Storey House Rs. 200,000/-
7 5-Marla Plot Rs. 25,000/-
8 7-Marla Plot Rs. 35,000/-
9 10-Marla Plot Rs. 50,000/-
10 1-Kanal Plot Rs. 100,000/-
11 2-Kanal Plot Rs. 200,000/-